The first and only museum of dog in Italy is called Foof, in honor of the German Shepherd that the architect Vito Luigi Pellegrino had as a boy. His the idea to create this structure dedicated to all four-legged in Mondragone countryside in the province of Caserta, there where originally there was only a kennel.

Foof, the first and only Museum of Dog in Italy


Always passionate and dog lover, Gino wanted to give life to this theme park, which includes a shelter for stray dogs, a breeding and museum, among the first in the world to be entirely dedicated to the dog.


The museum houses a collection of over 120 collars: you can see specimens from the Roman era up to the most contemporary. In addition, the museum spaces, interiors and exteriors, home to works of art to be united as a consideration: “the dog”. In the visit we were accompanied by Morena, who first showed us all that is present in the gallery space: the movie posters that have had starring a dog, the oldest of which date back to the thirties, the photos of famous people with their furry friends, up to the “tools” used by man to be assisted by his dog in the work, such as sleds and carts.



“The work that we all here are more loyal – Morena says to us – is “One of two” by Oreste Zevola, painted sheet metal, site-specific work that enhances the fusion between the human and natural worlds, and that is the strong link between the dog and his master”.

The structure in wood and glass, is perfectly integrated into the landscape, harmony with nature and in line with the standards of green building. Attention to the environment that is also expressed in an energy-neutral thanks to the photovoltaic system and constructed wetlands.


The museum, along with a retreat, a resort for dogs and a herd of purebred dogs, was born three years ago and is part of a complex born four years ago where there was only a kennel.


The current area counts of seventy thousand square meters of green to be hosted, once reassembled, the pavilion that Brazil had installed in Expo Milan and which will become an integral part of the park. The architect Pellegrino won an auction the “net suspended”, a route of ropes above which have come and gone thousands of visitors during the exhibition in Milan, walking, climbing, balancing playing and watching from above exhibits and crops typical of the Brazilian way of understanding the power.

If the fate of many Expo pavilions were demolished, for the network it has been different: Vito Luigi Pellegrino will soon be set up in the spaces of Foof, as an additional attraction of the immense park of Mondragone. And from above you can watch the activities taking place in the underlying mobility areas, dedicated to the interaction between dog and owner.


Returning to our visit, those of us who enters the Foof not have the feeling of sadness that usually assails who wanders in a shelter, the dogs here have large spaces, there is no trace of wire mesh, they are free to run, move and each of them is proposed for adoption. For those who can not take it is possible to make visits, play with them and take them for a walk.
Simultaneously is also rose the “Plana Resort”: equipped with 44 rooms and 14 lodges on the lake, is part of Mediterranean Ecoparco. The Foof rooms are reserved for guests with pets and have a garden where guests can kick hairy in freedom and safety.

The entrance ticket for the museum and the park is 5 Euros for adults and 3 for children. “The park is visited by school groups, but the greatest satisfaction when we have the people who came on a visit to the museum come home with one of the guests of our shelter dogs because they decided to adopt it” – tells us Morena.


Inside the structure it is also exposed a series of objects that accompany the daily activities of the dog: drinking/eating, sleeping, walking, playing. The line is called Dog&People, and was conceived by Irvine Studio in collaboration with the Foof and was presented at the last edition of the Milan Design Week. Symbol of the collection, this on bowls, dog beds, pillows, and more, are two eyes. The dog’s eyes, the eyes of the people.


The materials, the colors, the forms have technical specifications and a design dictated by the functionality of the product and all products are conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in Italy. The basic colors chosen for the collection are yellow and gray. And all the creations of young designers of Irvine Studio has a name: “Nina” is the kennel, “Milla” the bowl, “Boa” the pillow and “Cico” the MP game. All products, then, are designed to ensure the dog maximum comfort and reliability but, at the same time, have been designed to be ergonomic and functional human companions dogs. The entire collection is for sale online on

Museo del cane Foof
SS Domitiana km 20
Mondragone (CE)
info: tel. +39 0823 1607931 – tel. +39 393 9585397

educational activities: – tel. +39 393 9585397


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