A beautiful Italian story. Fili Pari is an innovative Start Up that develops and promotes unconventional materials for the textile sector, respecting the environment and the territory, which was born among the university desks of the Polytechnic of Milan where at the Specialized Degree course in Design for the Fashion System meet Alice Zantedeschi, 29 years old from Verona, and Francesca Pievani, thirty years old from Bergamo.

MARM \ MORE: marble on you

The brand presents itself as an original and decidedly unique brand. In fact, the textile material with which the garments of the collection are made derives from marble. Yes, you got it right: by wearing one of the Pari Fili waterproof jackets you will have the opportunity to wear marble, distorting the classic idea of ​​stone from cold and heavy to soft, warm and light.

fili pari

The choice of creating a collection of outerwear was targeted, being the type of product that best meets the performance of MARM \ MORE. What is it about? The term originates from MARMOR, a Latin translation of marble, to indicate the close link between the material and the Italian territory. The MORE indicates how marble gives added value to the material and also signals a new and different perception of the marble itself, which from heavy and static becomes light and wearable.

This “miracle” takes place starting from the marble powder, which is mixed together with a special composite to obtain a thin microfilm which is then coupled to a fabric. The result is a waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane that gives the textile material a soft and pleasant hand, given by the presence of the calcium carbonate that makes up the stone.

In short, everything starts from a processing waste that would have very high disposal costs and that is transformed in full respect of the circular economy, a philosophy fully embraced by Fili Pari and which best expresses the love for the territory that translates into the desire to enhance the raw materials, using the products and by-products of the Italian stone industries.

From the outset, the goal of the two Italian designers was to design clothing with high quality materials, capable of combining research, style, innovation and technical performance.

The result? The Fili Pari collection born with the support of Limonta SPA, a historic Italian textile company. Four models of waterproof non-season jackets with a feminine style and clean and essential lines, but with great attention to detail both from a technical and stylistic point of view, which gave life to what until recently could only be a dream, that of manipulating marble as if it were cloth, making it a living, animated material, with the flavor of the past but also the sensations of the present.

The color variants are the expression of the marble they contain: anthracite gray for the Ebony Black Marble, bright salmon for the Verona Red, and the Yellow Marble Mori, which gives the garments a beige color.
But what is surprising is, in addition to the color, the tactile effect of the garment, which is very soft, with a talc effect hand, given by the calcium carbonate that makes up the stone.

Fili Pari

And now let’s get to know better Alice and Francesca by Fili Pari, asking them some questions.

When and how did you think to combine fashionable marble?
The idea of ​​making marble wearable was born during the master’s degree thesis in Design for the Fashion System at the Polytechnic of Milan, through the desire to create a link between the Italian territory and the fashion industry. Marble is a natural element, the excellence of Made in Italy, which communicates the territory: continuous experimentation and the desire to create a link between origins and innovations has given birth to MARM \ MORE, a patented membrane containing marble powder.

Your best talent together?
Curiosity and willingness to explore new possible applications. We share the desire to express new scenarios with an innovative flavor, combining research, innovation and tradition. Even the same name, Fili Pari, represents the anagram of our nicknames and is an immediate reference to the thread, to the textile world, to the overall vision that characterizes the start up.

How did you launch Fili Pari?
Fili Pari was initially launched on the market through a collection of outerwear made in MARM \ MORE: a collection aimed at the female world, characterized by clean lines, craftsmanship and a strong attention to detail. Fili Pari garments are aimed at a conscious woman who wants to feel unique and feminine without sacrificing practicality. The MARM \ MORE membrane, placed on the outside of the garments, ensures high technical performance, while the interior, in soft cotton, gives natural comfort on the skin.
Following the launch of the collection, we noticed that the material could also find expression through the creativity of other brands that contacted us interested and curious. Hence the collaboration with Limonta Spa, a historic Italian textile company, and the project to create the “MARM \ MORE Apparel” fabric collection. The material can be purchased and used by other brands in the clothing sector to create products for their collections, giving new shapes to our technology.

The first supporters?
The first supporter was certainly Polihub, business accelerator of the Polytechnic of Milan, with whom we embarked on an incubation path in September 2018, thanks to the participation in the Gaetano Marzotto Award in which we won the Unicredit StartLab Special Mention. Since then, we have been closely linked to this reality and thanks to their help, we have developed our business project to become partners in the Start Up.

How do you develop the collections?
The collections are born from our personal taste and from the desire to tell new stories with an emotional flavor, which combine innovation and practicality without giving up a minimal and elegant style. Each garment is entirely made in Italy, from the selection of marble to the finished garment, and tells the craftsmanship, style and research typical of our Peninsula.

The woman who wears your clothes in three adjectives.
Conscious, curious and dynamic!


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