Borgo San Marco

Arturo: valutazione 5 ossiFrom a distance it looks like a mirage, a still image from the film “The Sheltering Sky”. But instead arise between date palms and sand, it stands on a silvery sea of ancient olive trees: so it appears Borgo San Marco, in the countryside of Fasano a few steps from the sea. When approaching from a distance, the white and high walls with the tower with trap doors and guard towers, give the impression of still defend today the coast of Puglia, thanks to sightings and the powerful fleets of the Knights of Malta, the ancient owners of the village that belonged to the Bailiff.

The charm of the past is continued throughout the farm, transformed into a refined structure for the hospitality. Previously, and since the twelfth century this area was inhabited by Byzantine monks who founded the first communities in the caves scattered in the area. In the farm it is in fact present a strong testimony of this past between the local large cave in which were products oil and cheese to the church with an important fresco in which are represented the Christ Pantocrator and the Saints Medici and various cells in which fifty of monks and peasants lived. A jump of centuries leads us to today and to the ancestors of the current owners, the Amati-Colucci, who bought in between 600 and 700 the village by the Knights of Malta, together with eighty hectares that still surround the impressive presence of trees such as olive and carob trees, twisted vegetable sculptures, and dense maquis.

Anyone traveling here today between courts, fragrant orange groves, walks and swims in a pool that looks like a natural lake, are travelers who appreciate the tranquility and peace of the place where it is easy to lose memory of the hectic life that takes place at the outside the high walls. And by the sounds of nature and the intoxicating scents of lemon, you can decide to be lulled by the sweetness of a massage in the relaxation area where there are also a hammam and hot and cold hydromassage. Or, riding a mountain bike, made available free of charge from the house, pedaling for the estate between olive and carob trees until you reach the sea which is only two kilometers.

A paradise for everyone, but especially for our Arturo who has been able to enjoy these great spaces, running happy in the tall grass, making friends with the four legged “master” of the house, the sympathetic Armando. He too, like us, has felt welcomed at home, in those homes from ancient and noble flavor of the families of the past, with the housekeeper, the cook, the caretaker-gardener and a silent, attentive and polite service. Moreover there is no farm in Apulia that does not bear on its walls the story of an ancient relationship of love and respect between man and nature, which offers peace and well-being also those who stay.
Our room? Located on the ground floor overlooking the courtyard is really a dream Wide, from solar shades, has a living room with two comfortable sofas that become necessary two extra beds and a sleeping area with the bed with eastern look with mosquito net suspended from the ceiling and two small rooms intended for bathroom and closet-dressing room. All around traces of history that tell millennia, fatigue stories, often of blood, that still linger among the old walls, and they teach us to respect the places while enjoying all the shades.

Borgo San Marco
Contrada Sant’Angelo 33, Fasano – Brindisi 
Info: +39 080 4395757 – +39 334 2002096 – +39 338 6130268


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