At La Civetta for a Tavola ad arte

Tavola ad arte a Ceglie

In Ceglie Messapica, famous for its gastronomy, they were held the first two event dinners of the project “FOOD WINE DESIGN”, the Tavole ad arte set up by the artists for the FAAD, a collective that brings together the most interesting productions in the field of Photography, Arts, Crafts and Design made in Puglia, led by architect Silvana Inguscio.

The first appointments of this traveling event to discover new taste of Puglia addresses, which provide each month the site-specific installation of a “table-artwork” done with the creations of the FAAD designers paired with a gourmet dinner were hosted in the welcoming and décontracté rooms of bistro La Civetta, in the central square of Ceglie Messapica. An address that really like thanks to its tasty cuisine and not taken for granted processed by the young Tony Urgesi, and presented by the local patron, Daniel Elia, who graduated five years ago at Alma in Bologna and then returned to his Ceglie to give life to the b&b Trulli Sant’Angelo and the bistro in the square.

The first event, on March 18, has seen the participation of a merry band who let herself be seduced by a menu inspired by seasonal produce and locally sourced with a selection of mainly regional wines with an emphasis on emerging wineries. For the second of Tavole ad arte of 8 April, at which we also attended by us of Città Meridiane, Daniele has thought of delicious dishes, while winking at the Apulian tradition, fished liberally from other cultures Mediterranean delicatessen.

Off the dinner, it was given by morsels Welcome tapas made with cod and anchovies, accompanied by a Bloody Mary out of the ordinary made with Tequila, orange juice and a sprig of thyme. Then you are back “at home” with the Martina Franca capocollo and small forms of fresh cheese made in low glasses in which the colors are enhanced preparedness Masseria 3.0: from green fresh salad leaves to the white of the local dairy production. But the colors on the board are not insured only from food. In fact, tall and slender periwinkle blue anemones with freesias yellow like the sun peeking out from clear glass containers of all shapes and sizes.
At the starter follows the first course of tagliatelle with cheese and pepper with white shrimp and asparagus with a delicate and well-balanced taste enhanced by Giancarlo Ceci white Bombino, who replaced in the glass white Prosit by Cantine Cardone. Still sea taste for the main course, a fillet of mackerel on crust of whole grain breads that goes well with the red and green coloring guaranteed by the confit tomatoes and spinach pesto.
Before the “dulcis in fundo”, gladly spend a few words on “containers” of the food and beverage: all creations of designers FAAD, from Pierpaolo Gaballo dishes to glass creations by Maria Concetta Malorzo, from ceramic containers by Nagase Hiroko to furniture complements that give to the place the artistic flair and that you have to Paolo Portaluri for the lights interior, Chiara Cochi for framed pictures on the walls, to Antonio and Leonardo Scorrano for tables and recycled wood stools very ecologically correct and to the creator and organizer Silvana Inguscio for lamps.

To close there have been two delicious tastings of delicious sweets and presented in a very nice: the classic biscuit cegliese and shortbread with coffee cream in conjunction with Passito by Cantine Teanum.
Chatter, laughter and lots of fun accompanied the dinner that lasted beyond the usual times in turning all of us in shades of night satisfied and sated. Ready to repeat the experience soon!

La Civetta Bistrot
Piazza Plebiscito, 8 Ceglie Messapica (Br)
Tel. +39 392 5572061
Apertura 19,00 – 1,30.


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