Valle d’Itria: a fairytale landscape

Valle d'Itria

There is something magical in the cones of stone miraculously based on the walls that seem sugar. So magical that you can imagine that the white villages and the districts from the houses with gabled roof called “cummerse” in Valle d’Itria are inhabited by fairies and elves. Among Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni, Martina Franca, Alberobello, Locorotondo e Cisternino the trulli inhabit a landscape made very beautiful by the green of the fields, the dazzling white of the buildings, the blue of the sky that seems to be carved into sapphire.

At night, then, the houses become a lace of light, a landscape that looks like a crib with pure white whitewashed houses, hidden courtyards and a continuous interweaving of labyrinthine alleys.
A unique landscape, described in various ways by famous people, such as Gabriele D’Annunzio, who, on a visit to these lands declared: “I wake up and I see a land of dreams”.
But Valle d’Itria is above all a land of generous and hospitable people to discover slowly, without haste, with walking, riding and cycling, along old rural paths. Like the one, narrow and tortuous, leading to the oldest trullo throughout the Valle. It is located in the district Marziolla, in the countryside of Locorotondo, on a rocky hill. The base is very thick and the entrance is formed by a deep porch and a lintel which bears the date 1559 0 1509. Because of the poor condition that threatens the stability, the area is now fenced.

Staying around, walking slowly, the enchanted pathway continues in the district Lamie Affascinate: it is a special two-story structure with four cummerse roofed very sharp. Arriving in the small square you can imagine that at any moment fairy-tales characters can check from small doors. And the name of the district favors this idea since the nickname “fascinated” could derive from the ancient folk tradition dell’affascino, a ritual against the evil practiced by elderly women with water, oil and magic words.
After the walk through the trulli and ancient districts, you can stop at U Curdunn, nicely managed in the old town center of Locorotondo from Peppino and Margaret, for authentic cuisine, prepared with local products, yet never the same and always tasty (U Curdunn, via Dura, 19 – +39 080 4311433 –