We met the sunny and lovely Andrea and Valentina Pietrocola last April in Foggia during the fourth edition of the festival of culture and street food “Libando, viaggiare mangiando” of which we have been media partners and where they held the seminar “The grain, ingredient 3.0 for off-site”.

Andrea e Valentina, the out of town cooks

La cucina del fuorisede

Then we run for a while … Keep in mind that the two brothers, founders of “La cucina del fuorisede” – The out of town cooking (http://www.lacucinadelfuorisede.ifood.it/), blogs of recipes for students studying away from home, they are busy!

Both, originally from Foggia, moved to Rome to continue their studies at the University. And now Andrea is in Madrid to continue his studies at Architecture at the CEU San Pablo University with the Erasmus program.

Far from home, they began to feel nostalgic about scents that spread in the air in the kitchens of mom and grandmother. Initially they thought of “remodeling” by collecting family meal pictures. But as Proust wrote long ago to make memories come true, it is absolutely necessary to smell and taste and the images do not have scents and flavors. So they went to the facts and started, on the thread of memory, to play home recipes.

La cucina del fuorisede

“At first it was a way of overcoming the distance with the family” – Valentina explains. “We draw on our amarcord that guarantees us a genuine diversity in a world that tends to globality” – adds Andrea.

In the meantime, they have acquired taste and started to post traditional proposals, but also fresh and innovative to show that even if you have little time to do it because you have to follow the lessons and study, you can also like an out of town student cook out and eat healthy avoiding dining out or junk food.

With their blog they wanted to offer a service to those who live out like them with a set of simple and reproducible recipes that include a set of dosage, ingredient, and final cost implications, a topic that matters to those who need to juggle alone, together with time, is another “sensible” element for those who study.

The idea liked many people who started not only to follow the page, but also to collaborate by sending recipes through #cuochifuorisede or writing an email.
Subsequently, the collaboration with I-Food began, very followed food portal with an editing entirely constituted by food blogger.

La cucina del fuorisede

At this point, the passion for eating well and tastefully went hand in hand with the desire to spread even the youngest good food. And it has evolved through participation in events, fairs and showcooking and the creation of cool videos for a web series with the studentville.it site, which has just started the second season.

La cucina del fuorisedeBut they add in unison: “Our projects are so many, from the idea of ​​a book with our tips to survive in the jungle of a new city up to a radio broadcast with Unicusano campus and much more that from time to time is being proposed to us. Because food is always sharing, so there is a growing number of collaborations and increasing the number of staff, which now has about 20 people, all southern, but the number is expected to increase”.

In the blog there are several headlines to encourage any type of request from followers: there are in fact traditional recipes, sweety corner, tasty recipes and vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes and light recipes. And also great attention is paid to the nutritional benefits and to the wallet: each recipe contains the values ​​of the calories and the raw material costs to realize it.

La cucina del fuorisede

But what are the most popular recipes? Surely those that combine practicality with taste and saving. Strongly go first courses and desserts especially if they recall the roots of the house or follow the social trends of the moment as smothiebowl, pancakes, brownies. Among the strong dishes also on Sunday when you can relax in front of the stove without having counted minutes: meat sauces, baked pasta, meatballs and lasagna.

The recipe for us?
The exclusive preparation they dedicated to the Città Meridiane, from Apulian to Apulian, could only be based on orecchiette! We do not hide that often, during our travels, we take behind a few packs of the typical and versatile Apulian pasta to share on the road with new friends just as the lovely and nice Andrea and Valentina suggest.

La cucina del fuorisede

Orecchiette with pachino, basil and cacioricotta

160 gr of pasta, 6 tomatoes like pachino, oil, garlic, oregano, cacioricotta

sprinkle two tablespoons of oil with crushed garlic and a pinch of chili pepper. Pour the pachino, lower the flame and cover. After 15 minutes the tomatoes will be ready to be split. They will soak their juice. Lower the flame and add a glass of water. Now add two tablespoons of grated cacioricotta. Once the pasta is bled, stir-fry the orecchiette. Use a little water of baking and stuffed with cacio and a little basil. Delicious!

Cost: € 1.50.


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