Even with the wonder in the eyes of all that we saw in San Leucio, we reach Casertavecchia, a perfectly preserved medieval and kept village that refers to the Umbrian-Tuscan landscape rather than of Campania.

Here the atmosphere is magic!


The small town is all gathered around the cathedral, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, and the square on which stands the beautiful facade. The cathedral is a testament to the coexistence of different cultures, including the Byzantine of the dome and the Arabic of the inlays of the lantern and the ambo, the Puglia of the sculptures on the facade, the Norman and that of the French Gothic.


Within remarkable is the ancient baptismal font dating from the fourth century.

From the main square of the village branch off streets overlooked by tuff houses with their beautiful portals, courtyards, loggias and lancet windows, immersed in the silence that dominates the village. A characteristic that makes it even more impressive and allows those who are taking the streets and the neighborhoods to take a leap in time. Not far from the cathedral rise the remains of the castle that was Lombard, Aragonese and Swabian stronghold.

But more than the gentlemen in that time there have been, the story of the village and especially of its cathedral, are linked to the fairies. It is said that they were fairies who lived in the neighboring Monti Tifatini to carry the heavy marble columns for the steep climbs that from ancient Calatia arrived in Casertavecchia. Only in this way it could be completed the construction of the cathedral. It is not hard to believe that these places were inhabited by fairies: around you can still breathe a magical atmosphere!


Emotions and walks have made you hungry? In Casertavecchia are spoiled for choice! We stopped in La Castellana (Via Torre, 4 – Caserta Vecchia, tel. +39 0823 371230 – +39 324 9536501 – lacastellanainfo@libero.it), a local who catapult directly in the second half of the last century and for the furniture and for the photos and the covers of the newspapers hanging everywhere.


A must taste the specialties of black pig from Caserta basic tender and tasty meat, right from starters in which makes its appearance in bruschetta with lard. Also try the pappardelle with wild boar and if you want to continue with the delicious taste of the local pork, ordered the ravioli black pork sausage and friarelli: you lick the moustaches!


Tips for shopping? You can not leave the area without purchasing the delicious ricotta, mozzarella and buffalo milk cheese!

We have them purchased from Ponte a Mare (Via Domitiana Km 34.070 – Castelvolturno – tel. +39 0832 851525 – info@ponteamare.it) the cheese factory that produces the buffalo mozzarella recognized number 1 from Gambero Rosso.


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