Slow tourism in Cilento


The slow tourism? In the province of Salerno, in that part of Campania that is called Cilento and overlooking on the one hand, the large Gulf of Policastro, and the other in front of the Amalfi Coast. Here you can slow down and indulge in the pleasures of a path between waterways, trails, waterfalls, mills, ancient towns, abbeys, castles, country houses and inns: a journey through history and flavors.

Preferably on foot, by bike or on horseback, you discover unspoilt nature between majestic terraced olive groves, caves, caverns and forests, enjoying one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes, that of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni, a UNESCO world heritage site to discover. In this strip of land in the embrace of Calore, Alento, Bussento, Mingardo, Sele and Tanagro and the high peaks of Alburni, space and time expand themselves and you find hospitality simple but priceless charm.

A nice walk leads to the natural Oasis WWF of Bussento Caves in Morigerati, in which flow violently the resurgence of the river that here back to light after an underground route. A truly immersive experience: it seems to be thrown across the world, in the stunning scenery of New Zealand protagonists in the highly successful film The Hobbit.