Parco della Vigna

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Original apulian trulli: so Donatella and her son Fausto wanted them in memory of dad engineer who had begun to renovate these old buildings in the countryside of Martina Franca. “We have tried, making them ideal for the hospitality, to save their simplicity” – tells me Donatella, that here she found his refuge. A family property since 1964, but none belonged to this land that slowly has penetrated into the deeper folds of the soul.

The farm was purchased by the family of the husband of Donatella, who moved here from Sicily to the work of grandfather Faustino manager of Banca Commerciale Italiana. The buildings, at that time, were in poor condition, but they catched immediately a glimpse of the potential. The first restructure, after the farm’s acquisition, was essential.

Donatella tells me how over time has transformed the trulli in the B&B Parco della Vigna, walking in the biological gardens and among the trees available to guests who can reap the fruits as much as they like and then use them in their preparations. Inspired from the diversity of the landscape, the colors of earth and sky, she is dedicated to reviving the old trulli, stall and sheepfold, with enthusiasm and energy, creating a project that took care of the nature of the place. The place is pervaded by a perfect imperfection: an aesthetics that expresses naturalness and at the same time confidence, returning to the things a soul that speaks of the past without renouncing the most modern comforts in the kitchen and bathrooms.

It is this atmosphere that takes guests to become friends and to arrange tables together when you are having fun and joking as if we knew for a long time. Donatella does everything to make guests feel at home: in the suites there are sets courtesy worthy of the most sophisticated hotel business, but also a handy supply of detergents: a real added value for those who just came into this paradise, they hasn’t to start chasing the nearest store. It’s all available to the three suites: Trulli, double room with two beds made in the three cones of ‘700 with bathroom and kitchen; La Casetta, the ex stall with bathroom and kitchenette, and L’Alcova in what once was the sheepfold and with a private garden that allows guests the maximum privacy and those of us traveling with our four-legged, the chance to keep them free outside without invading other areas.
Who stay at B&B Parco della Vigna collects much information about the territory, rich in the events and activities that Donatella provides guests. Here are availables cooking classes, from homemade pasta, diction and photography, the latter held by herself. Near the lovely district of San Paolo, where you can eat local produce, meats and meat “al fornello” at the butcher Tredici Lettere (Zona G, 25 – S. Paolo, +39 080 4490287 – +39 338 9789976 –, name that the family Demita chooses reconnecting the site dedicated to the saint in the epistles of the New Testament.
A territory, unknown to most people, that with the Baroque and noble Martina Franca never ceases to amaze and to attract niche tourism and foreigners from all over the world.

B&B Parco della Vigna
Strada Vecchia Taranto Torre Lanzo Vardarello, Martina Franca – Taranto
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