Sailing on the wind on board Cloud9

The boat is one of the favorite means of this summer of 2020. The reason is easy to say: a beautiful boat moored in the harbor or which is spinning away with the wind on the waves of the sea is a safe, ecological place, with all the comforts and, above all, easily sanitizable.

On board the Cloud 9_sails

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In short, never as in these times when “we travel as sailors forced to repair their ship in the middle of the sea, without being able to stop in a port”, as the Austrian philosopher Otto Neurath would have said, the boat is longed for and best expresses the desire escape from crowded beaches, airports, highways.

barca a vela

But we who love the sea and even more love to live it on a boat, add another plus to those just defined: sailing under the coast offers a completely new point of view and looking at the cities from the sea opens your eyes to wonder even if it is not first time.

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It happened to us during the tour aboard the sailboat Cloud9_sails: we started from the port of Monopoli, always seductive despite the clear sky, and then stopped between the caves that skim the coast under Polignano a Mare, until we reach the most famous, the one in which the La Grotta Palazzese restaurant is set, and then continue sailing to Lama Monachile.

Already so it would have been a beautiful half day in the middle of the sea, carefree and pleasant, with the unexpected gift of the golden rays of the sun that at sunset made space in the clouds making everything more magical. But there is much more.

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Because on board we found, after years in which we had lost sight of each other, old friends with whom chatting while sliding on the waves made time fly!
Ninni and Feliciano have always been friends with each other but what binds them strongly is the passion for the sea. Both experienced divers found themselves sailors when a year ago they decided to purchase Cloud9, a 12-meter Sun Odyssey 40 with three comfortable cabins, two bathrooms and a double-wheeled cockpit.

barca a vela

It was for both of them the crowning moment of a dream which they enthusiastically share now with all those who like us want to board for an excursion along the coast from Monopoli to Polignano, for an aperitif, lunch or dinner prepared by Ninni, but also mini cruises.

For those who want to experience the thrill of sleeping on board, anchored in the harbor, waking up at dawn with the lighthouse of Monopoli in front and on the right the magnificent spectacle of the first rays of sun that turn the walls of the castle pink, Ninni and Feliciano they also offer the boatandbreakfast experience. That sooner or later we hope to be able to do it as well, given that we enjoyed Matteo Groppo’s guests in Venice last September on one of his two gulets anchored in Giudecca.

The chatter with a good glass of fresh wine in hand, between the good memories of the past and the activities of the present, have made time slip slowly. We agreed with them on the therapeutic action of going to sea. And how difficult it was not to be able to do it for so long during the lockdown renouncing strong and fulfilling sensations such as the pungent smell of brackish in the air with every wave breaking on the bow and the adrenaline that gives the rudder in the hands dominating the wind. Now whenever they can, they jump on board sharing with those of us who love the sea as much as they do, excursions in the morning, even at dawn, or at sunset.

barca a vela

The ride along the coast on the sailing boat allowed us to admire the jagged walls between the two Apulian towns, seeing the symbols from the sea and in a new perspective, from Torre Incina to the rock of the Hermit.

And if in the first leg we were forced to use the engine because there was no wind, on the way back we were able to go upwind, fully appreciating that we were aboard a sailing boat. The wind then swept the clouds away and allowed us to witness the spectacle of a coast that suddenly became golden and shimmering in the light of the sunset.

An ever lower sun on the horizon accompanied us halfway, passing the baton to a clear and bright moon that was reflected on the waves of the sea: what more could you want? We returned to the port, seeing from afar the intermittent light of the high lighthouse of Torre Canne, greeted at the entrance from the smaller one of the port of Monopoli which appeared to our view even more beautiful than how we had left it.

Getting off the sailboat, after enjoying the slight roll caused by the wind, was like waking up abruptly after a beautiful dream! We console ourselves thinking that we will be able to pick it up soon by booking another ride on board. And you can do it too by contacting Ninni and Feliciano on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile.

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