We’ve already said how much our heart is tied to Positano and that’s why we left her, the true queen of the Coast, as dulcis in the bottom.

It’s always beautiful dive into its streets

It is always beautiful, even when it is well known and visited many times, dive into its streets, among the pastel-colored houses, the alleyways, the stairs that lead to the sea from where you can admire in all its beauty the natural amphitheater extending the country.


Symbol of which is the majolica dome of the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses the icon of a Byzantine Black Madonna. During the descent you have to look out at the many shops. Our favorites are Antica Sartoria for the cheerful and colorful caftans to wear on the bikini to get off the beach, La Bottega di Brunella for stoles, dresses and cloaks in fine yarns from craftsmanship and all the shops that offer irresistible flat sandals made to measure: I have a whole collection!

Wanting a dip after wandering among the shops that showcase the famous “pezze” of Positano and between lanes and stairs? “Our” beaches are two.

The first is the long and fascinating stretch of pebbles and sand of Marina Grande, the main beach of Positano, where to enjoy not only the sea but also the postcard scenery between the islands of Li Galli in front and behind the colorful waterfall of the houses perched in the village.

The second one is Fornillo, quieter and silent, situated between the two historic Torre Trasita and Torre Clavel towers, which can be reached through a romantic walk between the sea and the rock that leaves the pier of the boats of Positano.

From this small pier there are the excursion boats and also the shuttle service to the nearby coves, as well as the ferries to and from the Amalfi Coast. Our suggestion is to embark on Amalfi to admire the Amalfi Coast by boat: an incredible experience!

The ferries are active from 1 April to 31 October and the Sorrento-Positano-Amalfi line is generally activated in the middle of May. In less than half an hour from the pier of Positano, it lands at the Molo Pennello in the center of Amalfi avoiding the long sequela of curves that separates the two villages of the Coast. And on board, our four-legged friends can also go up and pay the expected fare.

If Positano is the undisputed Queen of the Coast, Amalfi is the soul. Rich in history and charm, always voted to the sea, is the oldest of the 4 Maritime Republics, and it is in Amalfi that the first Italian maritime statute was written, the famous Amalfi table, still visible at the civic museum. In memory of this, the best way to get to the town is to land by the sea: the eye-catcher that will give you this sight will be an emotion that will stay forever in your heart!

Returning to Positano, for dinner there is the embarrassment of choice because there are so many restaurants with a romantic atmosphere and inviting menu. And you can not taste the seafood “scialatielli”!

The best pizzas are served by Il Fornillo, which is on the road that goes down to the sea (Via Pasitea 266, tel. +39 089 811954) and Da Costantino (via Corvo 95, tel. +39 089 875738), family-run restaurant just outside Positano, with breathtaking views of the basin of the hamlet.

But the most delightful stop during the walk is at La Zagara Pastry Shop (Via dei Mulini 10, tel. +39 089 875964) where you can enjoy delicious traditional pastries and fresh fruit granites in a charming and fragrant garden.

And with the water in the mouth we have to schedule the next trip to the Coast, among the most beautiful villages of Belpaese.


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