Between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn Santa Maria di Leuca is gorgeous, there is no one and the sky and the sea are of absolute blue. And so you enjoy by the terrace overlooking Punta Méliso of Fuoridalgusciohome.

In Leuca a family villa overlooking the sea


The owner, the architect and designer Silvana Inguscio, considers this family villa built by her dad in the 1960s, her place of soul and offers its guests three spacious bedrooms, well-equipped kitchen, a living room and a large outdoor area overlooking the green and the sea.

In the “four seasons” garden, always lush at any time of the year, it is consumed under the robinia tree which always ensures shade and coolness even in the height of summer, breakfast is consumed with just opened eyes, a wonderful panorama of the sea of Leuca, with the white lighthouse standing in the blue sky in the background.

Just the end of summer and the early days of autumn are the best times to spend a few days here, when the August circus is a memory, peace is amazing, the perfect climate. The colors go to autumn but the warm days are still summer and you can enjoy a lighter, softer and enveloping light that exalts the building’s 60s.

Inside there is a subtle dialogue with nature, but also between past and present through the determined and sobering choices of Silvana who wanted to dedicate the rooms to his dad Renato: the names of the rooms, 2006 and 1928, put together make up its date of birth (20/06/1928).

In her open-air hospitality, however, she has created an intense relationship between her Fuoridalguscio project and this place with continuous dialogue with contemporary furnishings and fabrics but with Mediterranean flavor, where white tones prevail, including vintage items and memories family like the wooden case that contained the mom’s kit, grandmother’s chairs, and grandfather’s desk.

The overall effect is enlivened by color touches that emerge from design elements such as Philip Stark’s Kartell armchairs, Hiroko Nagase’s ceramic artifacts, souvenirs such as Sicilian majolica decorating the headboard of one of the two beds, the panels textiles, lamps, pillows and handicraft items that are part of Fuoridalguscio’s proposals and which tell the territory of belonging.

To whom Silvana is very affiliated and shows this with her professional work as an architect, to whom she has joined the designer and interior stylist, and also works on exhibitions, exhibition stands and showroom from design to visual and product design.

And in 2006 she founded, with Alessandro Epifani, Pietralocale’s – idea forma progetto multidisciplinary design studio, maturing further expertise in the field of visual design and image consulting for furniture, textiles and tourism companies.

To all that would seem so much, Silvana added her Fuoridalguscio project, a parallel space where she created her creations and developed interior design projects. An idea that arises from the need to express freely, without commission, to experiment, to produce limited sets of furnishing accessories, to give space to the personalization of the environments, to propose its own vision of interior decoration.

The style proposed by Fuoridalguscio is sophisticated and contemporary, but also contaminated by historical memory rooted in a past not too far and still present in memories. A universe consisting of lamps, furnishing accessories, textile decoration, floral arrangements, vintage items and accessories.



And that this summer has also found space for the tourist welcome with Fuoridalgusciohome, Silvana’s new bet that loving homeowners cuddles her guests from breakfast, rich in local quality products that she herself selects and heads.


While she called us to test the new born, the third room named 2007, number that represents the union of the day and the month of Silvana’s birthday, in which the bed dominates the scene together with the blades on the ceiling, while on a on the other side, a bathroom with a large hyper modern shower and a design marble sink was created, next to which there is a door window overlooking the courtyard in the back of the house.

Fuoridalgusciohome is the ideal place to live your dreams of one or more late summer nights with the sea in the eyes and the malice of a place filled with charm as the last flap of the Italy Heel’s.

Fuoridalguscio Home
Via G. Giusti 4, Marina di Leuca – Lecce


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