Clear fresh and soft waters

There is a Puglia that really few people know. Where the landscape is dominated by the brackish water that shines through the thick reeds and by the flight of marsh birds. It’s Apulia of the marshes that extend in the ionic over from Nardò, in the province of Lecce, up to Torre Colimena, already in the territory of Taranto, via Porto Cesareo. Despite their differences, have long been recognized as protected zones thanks to their unique habitat that provides shelter for many species of migratory birds and even the pink flamingos, absolute lords of Salina dei Monaci, wetland area of 25 hectares on the west bank of Torre Colimena, marina of Manduria.

And the pink flamingo has been chosen as a symbol of the rebirth of a territory and as an element of tourist appeal but also the care and environmental protection. The salt, nature reserve, has very little was equipped with a tower for bird watching donated by Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo, which will serve to security staff and environmental groups and volunteer not only to monitor the condition of the wildlife as well as control fire, as well as to tourists and fans who want to make bird watching and sightseeing. They will literally be “captured” by flights and reminders of egrets, knights of Italy, kingfishers and, of course, pink flamingos.

They are called Palude del Capitano and Palude del Conte those wetlands that have different characteristics. The first, in the territory of Nardò, is part of the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park and is spread over 500 hectares of pine forests, woods and ponds bordered by tamarisk trees, sage and prickly reeds along the coast divided between high sand dunes and underwater caves. The rocky coast rises in the vicinity of Porto Selvaggio: here, beyond the dense forest of pines, you reach a small cove of white pebbles and then dive into a sea where the colors which change color from green to blue.
The Palude del Conte, however, extends along the whole marine reserve north of Porto Cesareo, further Torre Lapillo: a paradise of beaches of fine sand with dunes up to eight meters that rise between the Mediterranean. Beyond a pure crystal sea in which to soak away from the crowds, even in high summer, for those who want to enjoy a sea without umbrellas. It happens in Punta Prosciutto, a beach of golden sand, lapped by low pine forests and sand dunes dotted with botanical rarities such as sea juniper and thyme shrub, and turquoise and shallow waters.

(Photo of pink flamingo by Cosimo Dimonopoli, photo of tower by Giuseppe Fanuli). 

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