Many aristocratic families in Sicily have profited from their properties, opening their houses and offering exclusive and special hospitality. And above all, a unique opportunity to get in touch with the true soul of this region. Through the owners not only opens the door of a building, villa or baglio, but also a window on private life and the history of families at the center of many events over the centuries.

A noble country house

Like that of the Trigona family: telling the story is like recounting the story of the whole of Sicily. The origins of this lineage, among the most influential on the island, are lost over time. It seems it came here following Frederick II and a time later it became related to the Aragonese carrying the black eagle of the royal house in the family coat of arms.

Villa Trigona, the ancient stately home of which we were guests, belongs precisely to a branch of this illustrious family, whose history is intertwined with that of Sicily in general and Piazza Armerina in particular. In fact, in the town there are important testimonies of the role of this family, from the monumental Cathedral built by Baron Marco Trigona to Palazzo Trigona, built on one side of the same square at the top of the town. In short, we are in a place where the breath of history is very intense.

And spending a few days in these residences such as Villa Trigona and being welcomed like a friend’s home is like looking at Sicily from a privileged observatory and learning about unwritten stories through direct tales.

Hospitality is taken care of directly by the hosts and between the walls of the villa you can live in the family, as Emanuel Maltese Trigona explains to us, who, having breakfast with us, tells us that in Piazza Armerina there were about sixteen buildings of the Trigona family. In one of these overlooking the square he spent his childhood until the mid-60s when his grandfather sold the building and came to live here. Then he showed us the family album with photos of his mother’s wedding held in the solemn cathedral and then celebrated in the large palace, now used as the seat of the Archaeological Museum, which then still boasted the sumptuous original furnishings before being sold to the Sicilian region.

Villa Trigona

The aristocratic country residence of the late eighteenth century is located less than a kilometer from the town center, and is immersed in a large park that has kept intact the charm and beauty of the countryside in this area of ​​the Sicilian hinterland, with olive and fruit trees and a long avenue of ancient boxwoods.

Villa Trigona

Despite being abandoned for more than twenty years, it has been expertly restored to its former glory thanks to the care of Mrs. Adele, Emanuel’s mother, who has kept furniture and furnishings to prevent thieves from being taken away.

Villa Trigona

In December 2007 it was opened to hospitality and available to those who stay there are not only large rooms furnished with period furniture and comfortable bathrooms, but also a small library, elegant lounges in which to enjoy a little relaxation listening to music, an inviting and large swimming pool, mountain bikes to get around, bowls and football fields, ping-pong table, an area for children and also the opportunity to have fun by archery.

Without forgetting that a short distance away there is the archaeological site which represents one of the most significant and important testimonies of the classical age, the Villa Romana del Casale, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Already all this would be more than enough to convince anyone to want to spend a short period in one of the 14 rooms of this villa where history and charm are sovereign. The rest is done by the centuries-old tradition of hospitality of this land.

Starting from breakfast: the abundant buffet is set up in the kitchen of the villa where the original and beautiful recovered majolica tiles have been assembled into decorative panels on the walls, while the tables are set with homemade cakes and jams, brioches, fruit, eggs fresh, cheeses, juices and drinks.

The warm air allows us to enjoy our breakfast on the outdoor patio, while for dinner we welcome the room reserved only for guests of the villa. In the menu dishes based on recipes and local products, prepared with care and very abundant, paired with local wines such as Cerasuolo di Vittoria that we appreciated so much to buy it and take it home with us. This wine, which takes its name from the magnificent color that characterizes it, is obtained from the vinification of the two red fruit varieties Frappato and Calabrese and is very pleasant throughout the meal, accompanying very well both delicate dishes based on vegetables and meats.

Villa Trigona

Before saying goodbye, Emanuel tells us that after all, little has changed since the house was private: “This was our summer residence and here we invited many friends. So it is also now. Those who come to spend a few days of vacation with us are treated not as a customer but as a friend who came to visit us”.

And so we also feel that we invite you to stay here at Villa Trigona: you will bring with you the memory of something very special!

Villa Trigona
Via Santa Croce – Piazza Armerina (EN)
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