The new collar of our Otto

Collar and leash. As soon as Otto sees us with his “tools” for the walk in our hands he begins to jump and wag his tail happily. Because he immediately understands that you go out for daily tours.

Otto and his handmade collar

For more than two months these represented the only outings that I also allowed myself in the gardens below my home, strictly within 200 meters as per decree. During the lockdown, in fact, Michele continued to work while I remained between the domestic walls, at the complete disposal of Otto and Bice, our discreet and somewhat spiteful kitten that almost never appears in the photos and stories of Città Meridiane.

Like me, many people have shared their home and isolated life with their furry friends who have given us unconditional love and made it easier to endure this strange and suspended period in which the days flowed all the same, marked by moments of leisure with them.

And from walks for the needy who “unhinged” me too from the sofa and gave me a calm that sometimes I missed at home. Constant presences that in a period of little physical contact have always guaranteed a soft caress and tender closeness.
Moreover, it is now clear that never as in these pandemic times our beloved four legs have been important to give us stability and even sanity and have always been able to snatch a smile from us even in the darkest moments.

And then those who have dogs and cats at home know it, they were the ones who kept us anchored to reality and not make us lose the sense of time during their quarantine. How did they do it? With their habits that we humans had to respect: the mealtime, those of rest and the moments dedicated to strolling around for needs.
But now we have turned the page and our laps have become longer between the countryside and the sea and in some moments more free from constraints such as a leash.


Waiting to start planning our trips again, in which Otto will be able to show off his new collar. Because this is precisely the theme of this post in the #stilinviaggio section: the collar that our “teddy bear” wears proudly and proudly. The friend and craftsman Gabriella Reznek created it on purpose and tailor-made for him in her Sartoria della Borsa workshop in Altamura.

It was a promise made long ago when Otto was still a small specimen of Bernese Mountain Dog. And now it is a reality in resistant quality leather in a warm dark brown shade, elegant and comfortable, hand-sewn and with the name Otto in plain sight in candid letters.

In short, we just have to organize the next trip in which Otto will be able to walk beside us on a leash, all upright with his beautiful collar around his neck handmade and with much love by Gabriella who in her Atelier in Altamura creates her beautiful creations but it also revives used and worn-out bags, restoring them with great care.

And next to him we will show off our new masks, in 100% cotton, washable and reusable, also made by Gabriella who packed 4700 of them during the lockdown, giving them to voluntary associations, individuals and the “Don Guanella” of Bari, without any profit but only for the desire to make yourself useful. She also gave it to us who will wear them happy to be among his “beneficiaries”.

This travel blog with the dog is a personal selection of our best experiences, our favorite spots and secrets places around the world curated by Rosalia e Michele.








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