The new Arryvo point in Lecce

Sogni d'oroThe new Arryvo point in Lecce

The new Arryvo point in Lecce is the latest “creature” of Marco Cimmino, Neapolitan by origin but now adopted by Lecce for more than ten years. In 2012, in fact, he created Mantatelurè in the Salento capital, a refined boutique hotel housed in an ancient residence dating back to 1550.

A new concept of hospitality


Since August of last year he has doubled with Arryvo, who opened a bit quietly and without fanfare given the times. Arryvo represents a new concept of fresh but complete hospitality based on a formula dedicated to the younger public but appreciated by all, locals and travelers, for the facilities dedicated to customers.


Starting with the fact that Arryvo acts as a hinge between the new and the old part of the city. You park in the street in front of the entrance and crossing the large open space that serves as the hall, living room, bar, restaurant, reception and event space (there is one every evening), you exit through another door opens directly onto the historic center of Lecce.


In the middle, the large room where you can stop in a free and informal way to chat, drink a cocktail, listen to live music, but also to study and work sitting together at the long tables. And even play with the two videogames with the best games of the 90s from Super Mario to Pacman and Metal Slug while waiting for check-in and buy the many gadgets offered with the Arryvo logo, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, backpacks, thermal bottles, pencils, pens, mugs and even beach towels and slippers.


Before checking in and saying goodbye to Marco Cimmino, we pleasantly entertained ourselves together with our Otto and our friend Federica Sgrazzutti, who takes care of the communication of this new reality, drinking a coffee in the Groundfloor with background music and a I keep coming and going among travelers, students and patrons.


The heart of this large living room, furnished with a warm and welcoming modern taste with sober colors and soft lights, is represented by the café, restaurant and cocktail bar which are open from 7 am with a sweet and savory breakfast service à la carte with particular attention to food intolerances and a vegan diet, until one in the morning, with a very wide and well-finished offer based on quality-conscious preparations with a strong identity that are inspired by tradition in an unconventional way.

We were able to test it in person in the evening while enjoying a glass of fresh bubbles with a rich aperitif of finger foods between sea and land proposed by chef Gabriele. The music of the DJ set accompanied our tasting of small bites in which tradition and local products are perfectly balanced and translated into a contemporary key.

In the chef’s imagination, light fried foods based on rice arancino and potato crocché, a delicate rustic style of puff pastry with vegetables, the exquisite tuna tartare with pistachio, mint and avocado, the intense smoked salmon marinated with herbs, the delicate shrimp with mayonnaise, the tasty roasted octopus with its Mayo on veal potato cream and paprika and the superlative Gyoza stuffed with horse meat with green soy sauce.

To complete the tour of the structure and absorb its atmosphere, we reached the Rooftop which in the hottest season becomes the ideal place to celebrate private and corporate events but also to spend fun evenings with background music.

Speaking of music, we were worried that the volume of that proposal during the evening event could disturb our sleep. Instead we had a pleasant surprise: the 25 rooms of Arryvo are perfectly soundproofed, so that any kind of sound remains outside of a simple, functional environment, studied in every detail.


Large and comfortable shower box, soft towels, very quiet minibar and air conditioning, comfortable bed, double pillow, free wi-fi and practical desk with pencil and notepad to write down the thoughts that get caught between sleep and dreams.


The playful atmosphere of the structure is also found in the “Do not disturb” which instead of the usual cardboard to hang out on the door handle offers a tender teddy bear, the Arryvo Bear with a branded t-shirt.

And then special attention also for our Otto who, like all four-legged guests, found at his disposal a soft mattress with a waterproof coating, bowls and a snack.

But the “pampering” for Arryvo’s customers did not end there. Guests have access to a Ping Pong room with a pink table to play but also to host business meetings in an informal setting, coworking tables to study together and stations equipped to recharge laptops and mobile phones.

There are also vending machines for snacks and drinks and a very comfortable laundromat, with dryer and ironing kit, alternative solutions that place Arryvo in an intermediate position between hostel and hotel, a winning formula that Marco Cimmino intends to replicate in other cities with the same format capable of capturing a varied audience of all ages.
In the meantime, we and our Otto have already found our point of Arryvo in Lecce!

Via Adua, 24 – Lecce
Info: +39 0832 1830506 –


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