Once, when the bread for the family needs is made at home, in countries all districts had their oven in which the mixtures were delivered on the strip of wood that carried over shoulder. More or less every eight days, the loaves on which often drew a beautiful cross, were brought to the oven to be cooked after agreeing the turn of the batch. Today these ancient stone ovens were replaced by electric ones, the bread you buy in the bakery and is no longer made at home.

A place suspended in time and surrounded by the beauty of the authentic flavor

In Specchia (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/in-specchia-for-a-jump-in-time/), the country of the Low Salento well preserved that it is part of the club’s most beautiful towns in Italy and in 2013 he also received the award of “Jewel of Italy”, one of the last ancient ovens once used for traditional cooking bread, is now a cozy home that has a number of beautiful spaces on several levels: Specchia House.

specchia house

Ideal for a couple or a family with one or two children, the house has a lovely courtyard, an airy terrace, a living room with a loft easily accessible via a ladder and a low divan, a room with French double bed two bathrooms, one proceeds exactly in the old oven which preserves the domed ceiling.

The hosts Maria Elena and Carlo, with their sons Donato and Claudio, who wanted to give to place an air of intimate and informal atmosphere with a mix of family heirlooms, recovered materials and objects of yesteryear.

specchia house

In a corner there are two leather armchairs, in another, under the intermediate floor, a large shelf which acts as a desk. The floor is a cool design and white checkered light blue powder, whose sobriety is mitigated by the use imaginative colors and fabrics.

specchia houseIn the kitchen you have been restored the old shelves on which they were dry the pieces of cheese and the goal with a characteristic pear shape has been preserved, narrower at the top and wider at the bottom to allow the passage of the barrels.

At its center is an old cupboard, which refers to the flavor of the time and what was the site when in this type of furniture was part of the bread dough and is covered with some clean towels and blankets to maintain heat. To highlight that the house is equipped with modern appliances including washing machine and dishwasher, as well as a large refrigerator and the oven.

specchia house

“The location of the building has been the element that most attracted me” – told us Maria Elena. The house is located on the medieval town wall, at the center of the city, with a magnificent view on the former convent of the Franciscan Blacks and the surrounding countryside. But when the air is clear you can look down to the sea in the background the high mountains of Albania that seem very close.

specchia house

Despite being in the heart of the village it is a silent and very quiet place: no noises of cars or traffic, just the sound of the bell tower of the nearby Mother Church. The “conversion” of the building was at times a real adventure, with the discovery of hollow spaces and tanks. And the structure is very different from the original, having also incorporated an old warehouse now used as a bedroom with bathroom. But still it gives the sense of a story and a character: the end result is to a dwelling by the bohemian-chic style with accents of color introduced by prints, fabrics and decorative items.

In this place suspended in time and surrounded by beauty authentic flavor temptation it is to not go more because it is a place where you can recover and feel at peace.

Specchia House
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 19, Specchia – Lecce
Info: +39 349 5112628 – +39 328 7155049 (ask about Maria Elena or Claudio)


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