In vigna

Sleep in the vineyard

Have you ever slept in the vineyard? No, not in a vineyard-view room, but right between the rows of vines from which is drawn that delicious nectar which is called Nero di Troia. In Bovino...
Palazzo Rodio

The discreet charm of Palazzo Rodio

We want to tell you a good story: our stay together with Otto at Palazzo Rodio, an imposing nineteenth-century dwelling in the heart of Ostuni but in an area where the traffic and noise...

The Foria House: like home

In the most authentic area of Naples, that of the Rione Sanità, on the busy Via Foria opens a large door, which through a hallway of a building as there are many in these...

Borgotufi, between past and present

From ghost village due to the abandonment of land and housing, a model village restored and transformed through careful and accurate architectural recovery. We are in Castel del Giudice, in the province of Isernia...
Dimora del Prete

Dimora del Prete: guests in history

We have always been attracted by the atmosphere that reigns between the period furnishings and the precious architecture of historic houses. Palaces, castles and noble villas are among our favorite destinations to experience the...
Masseria Spina

Masseria Spina, countryside fortress

It is majestic among the olive trees close to the sea of ​​Monopoli, surrounded by a thick security wall, and its silly and fouled silhouette has always made us think of one of the...
Torre Incina

Torre Incina, the fire tower on the cove

A few years ago a spot recited that Puglia is beautiful all year round. We have always been convinced. And even before our region was declared the most beautiful in the world by National...
La Francesca

La Francesca: the sea even in winter

In the thick and fragrant Mediterranean scrub, among spectacular rocks diving into the blue, the dwellings of Resort La Francesca arise. From the 15 hectares of estate in the land of Bonassola, in the...
Tenuta delle Ripalte

Tenuta delle Ripalte: nature’s language

So much green, silence and the gaze free to look far away. If nature is easier to listen to and become part of the surrounding environment, it becomes a privilege to do so in...
Castello Monticello

What a fine castle!

Who has never experienced the desire to be a guest of a castle just like in a Disney tale? In the finest fairy tales you always tell a lovely and enchanting castle. Castello Monticello between...

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