Paris ma belle! – Part three

Fuori rottaParis ma belle! - Part three

One of the best places to wander around Paris is the Latin Quarter on the Rive Gauche, which has kept a characteristic air of the province. But the charm of the neighborhood does not end here. In fact, among the streets, the squares and the bars of the neighborhood still see walking the great intellectuals who in the past have frequented them, Sartre, Cocteau, Picasso, Warhol. The walk can continue between the green and calm of the Luxembourg gardens, open daily from early morning until sunset. The gardens are famous for their statues and fountains but also home to a school of beekeeping and arboriculture.

Near the Pantheon, which houses the remains of the most illustrious men of France and only one woman, Marie Curie. The visit inside, majestic and cold, has left us a little disappointed. One attractive element is the presence of Foucault pendulum, just what the center of the famous novel by Umberto Eco: it was here that in 1851 the physicist Léon Foucault demonstrated through the movement of the pendulum the rotation of the Earth.

Whole different atmoshere, more boisterous and always on the boil, that of Le Halles, district defined by Emile Zola the “belly of Paris”. After a stroll through the galleries of the Forum des Halles, the largest shopping center of Paris, do not miss the Saint-Eustache church, considered the most beautiful after Notre-Dame with its eleven magnificent choir windows. In front of the church the scuplture Ecoute, listening, by Henri de Miller on which love to sit the young and old. The district contrasts do not end there. In fact in place Igor Stravinsky Gothic church of Saint-Merri is reflected not only in the steel and glass of the Centre Georges Pompidou, but also in the colorful fountain created by Niki de Saint-Phalle.

Are you hungry? Ideal for a quick lunch Dame Tartine (2, rue Brisemiche, +33 01 427 73222) overlooking right on the Stravinsky Fountain. So, satisfied but not weighed down, you can continue the visit to the charming Paris climbing the Butte, Montmartre hill, on which stands the monumental basilica of Sacre-Coeur with its candid domes, which boasts a spectacular view of the city: largest dome is the highest point in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower.

A curiosity: in this district, at La Mère Catherine haunt of artists since 1790, was born the term bistro. In this place, in fact, in the early 800 Russian Cossacks banging their fist on the table shouting to waiters “bistro”, soon. From then, the places less pretentious of restaurants began to be defined as well.

Our tour ended. There is still much to see, much to tell. But the time has come to say goodbye and there is nothing better than to say au revoir to Paris with a romantic dinner all French. In the area of Champs-Elysées a valid address is Chez Clement (123 avenue des Champs-Elysées, +33 01 40 738700), one of the restaurants in the chain characterized by relaxed and friendly atmosphere with wooden furniture and copper pans hanging from the ceiling. In the Montparnasse district is the essential appointment with the plate of seafood at Le bar huitres (112 Boulevard de Montparnasse, +33 01 43 207101): a feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate!

The soundtrack for all three stories of Paris? Surely Listen and… go! Even just with the imagination.

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