Our tour to the western Tyrrhenian Sea has been characterized by two elements: colors and water. The first inseparably linked to the second, because it is the changing water of the sea that a lot of time by the landscapes that touch “steals” the green of unspoilt nature, the blue of the sky, the red of the fiery sunsets, the gold of the rocks.

Colored villages are mirrored in the sea

And it is in the sea water that mirror temselves the homes of the colorful villages that we have encountered on our journey and that with a pinch of magic, especially at nightfall, they seem to double their surface overlooking the harbors and bays.

This happens in Tuscany, in the islands of its Archipelago, and in Liguria, in that limb of earth tended between mountains and sea that is the Riviera of Levante, in the places we have visited and of which we have already nostalgia: the islands of Giglio and of Elba and the pastel-colored villages with the houses that look like marzipan and developed in height between Levanto and Bonassola on the verge of the Cinque Terre.

Places where the view of the sea is almost always present, almost drunk and appreciated on foot walking by trails trapped between Mediterranean scrub and dense forests that press all around.

When you think of the islands, most of the time the imagination runs to exotic destinations like the Caribbean or the Polynesian atolls. So often we forget the paradises of our home, the many islands along the 4000 km coast of the Italian Peninsula. Where wonders are found on both land and beneath the surface of the water.

Just like in the Tuscan Archipelago, National Park since 1996, covering an area of ​​79,160 hectares between the provinces of Livorno, Grosseto and the sea area and includes several islands, significantly different and diverse, rich in species endemic to safeguard. There are seven islands, according to legend gems of the Venus drop necklace fallen in the sea: Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Gorgona. Deserted islands where the silence is dominated are Pianosa and Montecristo, while Capraia is a volcanic casket and little more than the rocks are Giannutri and Gorgona, surrounded like the others by a marvelous sea and rich in life.

The largest and most populated, Elba and Giglio, are the ones where we stopped and we will tell you, with the promise to return soon to be able to appreciate more and better the beauties of these paradises, perhaps pushing us beyond the swim in the crystal waters of the white beaches drenched in the blue-green Tyrrhenian Sea and going to enjoy the spectacle that underwater continues through magnificent seabeds among technicolor algae, starfish, sponges, posidonia prairies and so many fish swimming among remarkable underwater archeological finds.

Did we curse you? Follow us and you will come with us to discover this unespected Tuscany between crystal clear sea and Mediterranean scrub, pine forests overlooking overcast cliffs, hidden coves and great sandy beaches.


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