Nice pen tales

Le penne di Stefano

Stefano Cazzato tells us in his lab in Lecce a beautiful Italian history of strength and passion. An example of strength because Stefano plans his idea, while he is forced to break from his work that is to mount circuit areas and exhibition stands for big automakers.

Today, however, the core around which his art is the pen. Indeed Stefano put on his project called Tornitura Artistica and realizes pens in olive wood entirely handmade: works are special , unique and very elegant, which highlight the pen as a cult and style object. “Each pen has its own reason , does not repeat itself because there are different wood grains used” – explains . And, in fact, looking at them, you want to have them all!
And felt like to me that from now on you will see me write my travel stories on my sketchpad only with pens in olive wood signed Tornitura Artistica.

Tornitura Artistica
Info: +39 329 0482505 –



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