Mirko Signorile speaks us of “A piano for L’Aquila”

Mirko Signorile is a musician, specifically a pianist composer, full of light, polite and smiling: a person you can tune right from ordering a coffee at the bar. And in a bar in the center of Bari we meet to talk about a project that is very dear to him and that has brought us back to a trip a few years ago, in Abruzzo in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, with a day in L’Aquila, already crystallized in time by the earthquake. And L’Aquila is the center of the initiative that Mirko, together with Claudio Filippini and Giovanni Guidi, they pianists too, is pursuing. The project “A piano for L’Aquila”, a tour in which we will play together for the first time simultaneously in several concerts with original music and then make a CD with the sale of which will be bought a piano for the city. But let’s let Mirko tell us about …

Why so much interest in the city of L’Aquila and why now?
Both the interest either the project are “children” of the emotional momentum following the event ” Il jazz italiano per L’Aquila “, the music marathon held on September 6 with over 600 musicians, 100 ensembles in 18 famous landmarks destroyed by an earthquake. In this event, among other musicians, I met Giovanni and we began to assume to be able to realize a series of concerts where the same sound produced by the same instrument was created by three very different artists among them. So we thought of Claudio, who was not there physically present, but soon joined the group. So it’s born the idea of the project “A piano for L’Aquila”, a show that we are conceiving as unique. With music recorded live then it will be realized the CD that will help us give our substantial contribution to the “cultural” rebirth of the city, through the purchase of a piano which will become the symbol in the moment that it will be housed in a cultural container that can do to aggregation point in a completely devastated place. I was in L’Aquila before the earthquake, but after that I was never returned. In September, the concert gave me the opportunity. Once there I was seized with a sense of deep dismay: the strong images of buildings gutted, of closed and uninhabited houses, of monuments injured. I thought that Aquila continues to scream his need to live and that something must be done, you had to listen to this need … This gave rise to the interest and the project, which is also based on the experience of Piano Circus in which 12 pianists perform on six pianos in a circle in concerts in which the notes are chasing, jumping from one keyboard to another.

How did you experience personally the devastating earthquake six years ago that has literally leveled the city?
I have clear memories of when the images followed each other in the various news: I was at home with my kin and there was an air of celebration because we were getting ready for Easter. But I did not fully realize what had happened, and especially of its gravity until I are returned to set foot in the city, a ghost town. I’s for this that all three, I, Claudio and Giovanni, we do not want our project remains an event end in itself, but it becomes something very concrete to help L’Aquila if not to rise again, to the not to have a soul. And we are convinced that the reconstruction can not be separated from the need for beauty and well-being: we want to fill this need by providing the city, where currently there are no places dedicated, a place-container for the piano that can host concerts but also be home to record productions.

The first step of this?
The first event will be the one of Puglia , on 8 December at 18.00 at the Cantine Albea in Alberobello. Why Alberobello? Because it is not only the “city of the trulli” but is especially heritage site by UNESCO. In fact, the event was organized by the City of Alberobello within UNESCO Jazz Winter Festival 2015 in collaboration with Locus Festival and is held in conjunction with Alberobello Light Christmas event, which, in the edition of Christmas 2015/16 is dedicated to peace and solidarity for the victims in the world fall under the blows of terrorism. It is noted that the event is free and who wants to can also visit the local Museum of the wine before the concert.

And then?
The tour will proceed with a series of concerts with stops yet to be determined where the songs will be recorded live for CD which will be available in 2017, at the end of the tour that will continue throughout 2016.

(The report was made in L’Aquila in December of 2011, but unfortunately since then almost nothing has changed).

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