Life changes Along the road

A novel written in the form of a diary found by chance after 14 years


How important is meeting the right person or the wrong in life? And since can you decide in the first person? Black or white, no-compromise? All these questions can not answer Olivia Rovelli, the protagonist of the novel “Along the road” by Laura Zavatta.

A woman stalked by a real life full of difficulties pouring into the diary of his memories fourteen years of life. Then came the age of forty, her life took a turn, sentimental and existential between romance and sex, pain, love of life and sense of guilt. With a constant: the love for her children and her animals.

The pages of her diary, delicate and sometimes tragic as life often can be, reveal little time what happens to Olivia and her family until the final twist. A plot twist that sees first victim of the events and then miraculously saved with the ability to take up his whole existence.

A book that makes you think about the compromises that you often have to accept in order to live in a way acceptable despite an uncertain career, the economic problems, the pressing schedules. And despite the “fall” of the protagonist who often gives the idea of being a woman almost devoid of will, which passively accepts everything that happens and which do continuously carried away by events and influenced by the people around her, you can not to judge it. Rather. To recognize all the extenuating circumstances: Olivia is indeed a woman a bit ‘dazed but this is her charm which becomes her cross and her delight.

And she is certainly a very sensitive person with her “surf” capacity on the facts of life that sometimes makes us smile but which always emerges the bittersweet melancholy for what could be and was not. But perhaps it is not too late … If you want to know how it ends you just need to read the book by Laura that tells Olivia and how her life changes “Along the road”.


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