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Places visited within the borders of our homeland, Puglia, discovering every day a clove more.


The red dust of the mine

If in the visit of the town of San Giovanni Rotondo you can not disregard the places of San Pio da Pietrelcina which is inextricably linked, a different way to discover the history of...
Valle d'Itria

The dark side of Valle d’Itria

Even the moon, white and bright, has its dark side, singing the Pink Floyd in their famous song. Thus, the Valle d'Itria, which today is known as a fairytale place and among the most...

Leuca, where the land ends

For Santa Maria di Leuca we will make an exception: at least for the moment we will not speak of the reference town, Castrignano del Capo, but directly of that which is a fraction...

Ortelle: the treasure is under the ground

Those who follow us for some time know that our firm conviction is that every place, even the smallest, has something beautiful and interesting that can be told. This is one of the reasons...
Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme, oriental charm

Puglia is a region that from north to south is wearing ever-changing clothes, and at times it seems to play challenging the collective imagination by tapping it into creating tales populated by legendary characters. Spa...

Walking in history

Lord Byron wrote that in Italy cities are all capitals. We add that even the small centers in our country have so much to tell and they can always be considered exciting excerpts. No...
Bari tour

A tour in Bari – part 2

At this point, the tour continues on foot to the Odegitria square on which stands the Cathedral dedicated to San Sabino. Among the streets and squares of the old village First you have to go through...
Bari tour

A tour in Bari – part 1

It is not always necessary to move elsewhere and move in every direction to travel. You just have to be in constant motion. With BariCityTours to discover the city And sometimes just read, dream, remember. Or,...

Galatone, hidden jewel

Galatone is a very interesting town, a small jewel almost hidden in the Ionian hinterland of Salento. Despite the earthquake that in 1743 caused a number of destructions in the country, the medieval settlement...

Cenate, the délabré charm of ancient villas

I’m among the children who have lived the "vacation". We were eagerly awaiting the end of school to leave, every time almost a move, including cats, red fish and tartarugins, for the family villa...

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