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Our laps beyond the borders of our region that touch all the other corners of our beautiful Italy.


On the Argentario coast

In these days a bit like that, between the winter that does not want to end and the spring that does not want to arrive, we have put in order photos and memories, thinking...

In the belly of Naples

The next day is dedicated to visiting the Catacombs of Naples (Via Tondo di Capodimonte), the most important in southern Italy, to which our Otto is also admitted. Under the ground a city in the...

The treasure of Naples

Naples boasts more than a treasure. The most famous is certainly that of San Gennaro, housed in the homonymous museum, which houses a series of art collections including jewelry, statues, busts, precious fabrics and...

Our Naples

The sea does not wet Naples: the writer Anna Maria Ortese with this book heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time declared all her suffering love for the city. She was born in Rome...

Slow tourism between Molise and Abruzzo

"In a hurry, out of laziness, due to a lack of information, our steps often lead us to the places trampled by everyone else". I could not have said it better and so I...

Venafro, crossroad of history – 2

On the slopes of Monte Santa Croce stands the Pandone Castle, surrounded by imposing walls guarded by towers from which it sweeps across the plain of Volturno and where they are collected a thousand...

Venafro, crossroad of history – 1

We took care of the Molise with a touch and escape in Termoli, but we promised to come back and tell a little 'time this secluded region, almost entirely mountain, little known even by...

Out of the world at Chamois

Chamois is the most isolated village in the Val d'Aosta. In the hanging country at the foot of the Matterhorn, the cars are off limits because there are no roads to reach this hamlet...

In Genoa the ocean in a room

In Genoa, a city with many facets, but above all one of the few in Italy where the present and the past fit perfectly into one another, I have been a few years ago. The...

Bonassola, the voice of the sea

Ernest Hemingway called Bonassola "soothing, unforgettable, inexhaustible". The town, nestled between the two symmetrical headlands of Punta del Carlino and Madonnina della Punta is a pretty village overlooking the long beach, characterized by 18th-century...

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