Borgo della Marmotta Farm Resort, the secret Umbria

The Borgo della Marmotta Farm Resort is a small corner of Tuscany nestled in that fairytale landscape that is the countryside around Spoleto. You will immediately notice it wandering among the delightful houses, the lush and fragrant garden and the airy lounges, created in the old mill with the imposing fireplace and in the former cellar now a winter garden, furnished with furniture and objects with a typical Tuscan imprint.

Le Terre di Poreta in the countryside of Spoleto

Borgo della Marmotta

Then, you are sure of it when you start chatting with Federico and his mother Alessandra: the Florentine accent is clear and it is impossible not to distinguish it from the Umbrian one. A chat with Federico, comfortably seated in the area dedicated to relaxation in the green, clarifies our ideas.

The origins of the village date back to the Middle Ages and from this period it has maintained its appearance, restored to its ancient splendor through a skilful restoration wanted by the current owners, Paolo and Alessandra and their sons Filippo and Federico, the Marquises Montani della Fargna who currently live between Villa della Genga, a beautiful building not far away, and Florence. The mystery revealed!

Borgo della Marmotta

Borgo della Marmotta

Federico then tells us the story of his family and the Borgo della Marmotta, starting with the name chosen for this delightful Farm Resort where we were guests for the third of our Sognidoro in Umbria together with our Otto.

When, having completed the renovation of the buildings in respect of the original architectural connotations, it was necessary to find a name for this enchanted place, the road that led to the village and dedicated to the Marmot was immediately thought of. So it was decided to name the village as well, paying homage to this cute little animal, at the same time respecting the territory and not betraying the genius loci. So much so that looking out the window, a picture appears in front of your eyes that refers to the iconographies dear to Umbrian-Tuscan painting: pure magic!

The history of the small village, which has its roots in the Middle Ages, begins with the Pucci della Genga family, originally from the Marche and moved to Spoleto where an imposing palace that belonged to the noble lineage still stands today in the historic center.

Borgo della Marmotta

Le Terre di Poreta belonged to her, a hamlet where both the Borgo della Marmotta and Villa della Genga stand, built in a later period, in 1673, and then became the favorite hunting house of Cardinal Annibale della Genga, who spent different periods of the year here benefiting from his lung problems. In 1823 he was elected Pope taking the name of Leo XII and the Spoleto estate was almost abandoned until in the first twenty years of 1900, due to the interest and activity of the Marquis Federico Pucci della Genga, it regained its splendor and became a modern farm with the name of Le Terre di Poreta which still today boasts a production of excellent olive oil.


Then Paolo Montani della Fargna, Federico’s nephew and heir to this passion, with his family, wanted to open the doors of the Villa and the Borgo to welcome. Guests staying in the four country houses created in the spaces of the former oil mill of the villa, can enjoy the entire estate which extends for over 300 hectares, partly planted with olive trees, partly with arable land and partly with woods with its truffle grounds.

Those of us who decide to stay at Borgo della Marmotta can choose from 18 refined solutions: 11 rooms between Classic and Superior, 2 Standard apartments, 4 larger apartments defined Plus and a large apartment that divides the first floor with the area dedicated to wellness, with structures in fir wood, steel and glass and a modern sauna available to guests upon reservation.

Borgo della Marmotta

Going around the village, you feel a bit disoriented. Everything has been so meticulously restored that it feels like walking through the alleys and squares of a village that has miraculously remained frozen in time.

The large rooms are housed in those spaces that were once the stables, the sheepfold, the oil mill, the barn, while in the large outdoor threshing floors comfortable areas have been created for outdoor moments in the park that invites serenity between fruit trees, bushes, tall trees for shade and lots of flowers.

Borgo della Marmotta

In the former cellar now a winter garden there is the honesty bar, in the fridge and on the shelves there are wines and a selection of Gin, Rum and Whiskey available to guests who are required to write the drinks on a sheet that must be inserted in a special box so that the bill is then charged to the room. Another element that makes the guests of Borgo della Marmotta feel welcomed at home, with the advantage of being able to count every moment on a smiling and discreet service that characterizes this enchanting place in a still secret Umbria.

Borgo della Marmotta

The restaurant, where breakfast and dinner are served based on local products and recipes, is in the old sheepfold but with mild temperatures it is very pleasant to sit under the large pergola from which you can enjoy the view of the garden.

Magnificent position of the swimming pool that is not only surrounded by greenery but enjoys a unique view that reaches the valley of San Francesco and the hills of Montefalco. The ideal place to immortalize a romantic hug!

Borgo della Marmotta

Borgo della Marmotta

When you return to the room, you are enveloped by an atmosphere made warm by the large fireplace, the terracotta floor and the ceiling with wooden beams. But if the traces of the past are predominant and the homeowners love to cultivate them and keep their charm through the elegance of the period furniture and the romantic four-poster beds dressed in fresh linens that reflect the pastel colors of the curtains and armchairs, they do not have renounced to introduce the signs of a modernity that speaks the language of comfort: air conditioning, independent heating, Wi-Fi internet connection, TV, safe and mini bar.

And everywhere you can catch the suggestion that emanates from the things that populate the rooms and that let themselves be caressed by the light that carries inside the scent of the meadows and trees soaked in the sun.

Le Terre di Poreta
Fraz. Poreta, 1 – Spoleto (Perugia)
Info: +39 0743 274137 –

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