Alessandro Aste. In balance between art and fashion

With Alessandro Aste we have in common the passion for travel and the belief that wearing something beautiful and particular provides an intense well-being.
Our telephone chat to get to know each other better could only start from the travel theme. It is no coincidence that Alessandro Aste has agreed to collaborate with us who have made travel and Stilinviaggio the main themes of our web magazine.

Italian fashion inspired by the East

In fact, before launching into the fashion industry based in his Turin, Alessandro traveled a lot. At 19, after starting to study economics and foreign languages, he decided to leave for London hitting his first two goals: to learn English well and to start living the first experiences in the world of work.

Alessandro Aste

That first adventure abroad was followed by others that led him to travel to various European capitals and to settle in New York for a period. But the real journey, the one that would have led him to be who he is now and to create the brand that bears his name, was both physical and spiritual. Alessandro told us that he wanted to join his brother in Nepal for a music festival. The event was enchanting, but the path to get to that remote place in the Nepalese valleys was full of setbacks and misadventures.

“However, it was precisely these negative aspects that were significant – he underlines – because in the face of discouragement and renunciation, I chose instead to adapt to the difficulties by continuing the journey. I spent three months in Nepal trying to build a business relationship with Italy and with the need to further deepen my knowledge of cashmere, because I fell in love with it. I hardly searched for someone from the place willing to show me and pass on their textile traditions and I was able to find someone who allowed me to acquire more knowledge about the material by giving me basic notions and making me experience every artisan step, from combing to weaving”.

Alessandro Aste

In Nepal Alessandro not only began to think about his new business but decided on its current basic philosophy: for him it is the fabric that makes the garment. Meanwhile, from that first trip he returned to Italy with his first 50 sweaters sold to friends and acquaintances during small and well-kept events in which color charts were also presented in order to make the choice of garments more personal. The excellent results of these first commercial experiments led him to go directly to the shops with an increasingly positive response.

At this point he understood that he could create customized productions to give life to his brand with which he offers refined garments in the quality of the materials and models that are as easy to wear as they are original and creative.

“I started with the desire to tell a story and now, after years of discovering fabrics and processes, I am passionate about it every day”.
Alessandro Aste is a clothing brand specializing in the production of knitwear in pure cashmere, wool, linen and fine cottons. For the production of his cashmere Alessandro Aste has selected in Nepal small family-run manufacturing companies.

Alessandro Aste

In his collections, a sober, concrete aesthetic emerges, with transversal pieces and unique garments, totally handmade and with attention to the smallest details that are inspired by the charm of distant places and aspire to remain in the wardrobe, beyond the seasons. But Alessandro Aste’s creations are simple only in appearance as on a closer look they are rich in details and impactful contents that manage to define, with finesse, the character rigor of the collections.

To carry on this philosophy in the name of creativity and quality, both close to sustainability, Alessandro is not alone but relies on a very close-knit team.
“We are the union of different personalities and young abilities” – he tells us. “We see ourselves as true, passionate and motivated people, who see and develop the brand identity through foundations and fundamental principles that they consider fundamental, not only in this job, but also in everyday life. One of our goals is to make the new generations understand that quality beats quantity. It is up to us to convince young people that instead of buying several T-shirts with the same amount, they can buy one but that it will last for years and that this is the best choice that can be made because the quality itself is sustainable”.

Alessandro Aste

Where does the inspiration for such special garments come from as my Kyoto SpryArt Etoile T-shirt? “We take inspiration from the world – Alessandro replies – but when it comes to creating everything comes from minds that have breathed and learned from Italy, that look beyond but with the ability to create garments through a typically Italian aesthetic taste”.

A plus is the customization through the possibility of sampling and creating your own garments, both in the modeling, as in the choice of material, of the composition
and colors. The wave to follow? Your vision and instinct combined with the awareness of buying something lasting, of great quality and that will never go out of style.

Alessandro Aste

My choice? A fresh T-shirt in linen and cotton, romantic, simple in shape, but which amazes and finds value in the color that also makes it eccentric: a garment with which to have my say even without opening your mouth. The most “right” set? An artist’s atelier by the sea in homage to the SpryArt that characterizes the yarn and that recalls the waves of the water element that unites continents and eliminates barriers. And in a moment we can imagine making East and West embrace as the name of the Kyoto T-shirt suggests, where Italian warmth and Japanese poetry meet.

Alessandro Aste Quintino Sella, 134 – Turin
Info: +39 333 3277498

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